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Private Sector Virtual Career Fair


WELCOME to our 365 day Private Sector Virtual Career Fair. Inside, you can find detailed information on a range of career and employment opportunities offered by a wide variety of employers. All participating employers are listed by name, sector/job type and skill categories on this page - just click on a category name to see who is exhibiting and then click on an employer’s name to visit their stand. Once inside the Fair, you can at any time use the search facilities or, if you prefer, click “List of Exhibitors” to return to this page. This Fair is running 24/7 throughout the year so you can visit, and revisit, as many times - and whenever - you want. Entrance is free and there is no registration requirement.

Exhibitors at 365 Day Virtual Career Fair - Private Sector

There are 6 exhibitors across 9 categories in this fair.

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Browse Exhibitors by Name, Sector/Job Type or Skill. To visit all Exhibitors' stands in alphabetical order, click here to view 'China Career Prospects' and then keep clicking the Next exhibitor button.

Exhibitors - By Sector/Job Type

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