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Welcome to our free Spring 2011 Online Jobs Fair. This Fair is being held by Oaklands College for the benefit of our 3000+ students and for the local community. Our Fair opens on Monday the 25th April and will run continuously for four weeks, closing on 20th May. Inside the Fair, you’ll find a wide range of employers offering a variety of jobs and employment opportunities. Once inside the Fair, you can at any time return to this page by clicking “List of Exhibitors”. No registration is required for this event.

Exhibitors at Oaklands College - Spring 2011 Online Jobs Fair

There are 11 exhibitors across 22 categories in this fair.

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Browse Exhibitors by Name, Sector/Job Type or Skill. To visit all Exhibitors' stands in alphabetical order, click here to view 'Bourne Wood Partnership' and then keep clicking the Next exhibitor button.

Exhibitors - By Sector/Job Type

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Exhibitors - By Skill

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