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Our NSEW 2010 Virtual Fair has now FINISHED. Our thanks to all 47 Employers who participated and to all our Students and Graduates across the UK who visited our Fair - and made it such a success. The Fair attracted over 4,950 visits, over 4,000 unique visitors - and over 36,700 pageviews. If you want to find out which employers exhibited, or remind yourself of their contact details, then click on the sector/skill categories below to open up the list of exhibitors’ names and then click on the employer’s name to access their details.

Exhibitors at NASES National Student Employment Week - 2010 Virtual Fair

There are 46 exhibitors across 34 categories in this fair.

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Browse Exhibitors by Name, Sector/Job Type or Skill. To visit all Exhibitors' stands in alphabetical order, click here to view 'Age Concern' and then keep clicking the Next exhibitor button.

Exhibitors - By Sector/Job Type

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Exhibitors - By Skill

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