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INTERESTED IN HOLDING YOUR OWN "BRANDED" VIRTUAL FAIR? We've prepared a detailed INFORMATION PACK FOR UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES which tells you everything you need to know about our Virtual Fairs including the range of stand packages for exhibitors, prices, set up, promotion and marketing, visitor data collection and - above anything else - how easy it is to hold your Virtual Career Fair with "acareerforme". To obtain a free copy without obligation, just email us at or telephone us on 01423 858385.

Benefits for Universities and Colleges

  • Your Virtual Career Fair is “branded” with your name, logo and the title of your Fair at the top of each page on every exhibitor stand.

  • You pay nothing when you hold your Virtual Career Fair with us - payment is made by the participating employers.

  • You choose the type of Virtual Fair you want to hold - general careers fair, jobs fair, international careers fair, sector specific fair - and the name/title of your Fair.
  • You can hold your Virtual Fair on a standalone basis or in conjunction with a physical fair or other on campus initiatives i.e. either side of the physical fair thereby enhancing the value of the physical fair.

  • You choose when to hold your Virtual Fair and the Fair's duration - anything from two weeks to 12 months. 

  • You can choose whether access to your Fair is to be open or password protected.

  • Your Virtual Fair provides your employer database with a low cost and effective way of raising their profile on your campus and promoting themselves to your students and graduates.

  • Your Virtual Fair provides your students and graduates with valuable and detailed information resource on a wide variety of career and employment opportunities - which they can access any time convenient to them.

  • We do all the work involved in creating your Fair, your exhibitors' stands and the uploading of all content on to those stands so you aren't involved at all on the technical side of running your Fair. We also handle the collection of detailed visitor data and statistics, report this to you regularly during the Fair and provide comprehensive visitor data when your Fair closes.

Benefits for Your Employers

  • Extend their profile on campus and their reach to your students and graduates.

  • Low cost, effective promotion of all the career and employment opportunities offered by them.

  • Highlight their organisation in real depth on their exhibitor stand via up to eight web pages with unlimited text (including links) on each page – they choose the title of each web page and the content that they want to display.

  • Prominent display of their name, logo, contact details with a link to their website and a direct email facility from their stand.

  • A range of three differently priced exhibitor stand packages from which they can choose.

  • Display their own documents (Max. Limit 8MB) for download by students. Display videos (via YouTube) and one podcast (Max. Limit 8MB) for viewing and listening by your students and graduates.

  • Easy to set up – we do all the work creating their stands and uploading content. So, all the employer has to do is provide the content or point us to where we can find that content.

Benefits for Your Students and Graduates

  • A valuable, detailed and user friendly information resource – on one single website so no need to visit lots of different websites.

  • Can be accessed at any time of the day or night convenient to them. Access to your Fair is free and there is no registration requirement.

  • Obtain information on employers in advance of meeting them at the physical fair

  • Enhance the value of their discussions with employers at the physical fair


Full details of exhibitor stand packages and their costs are contained in our Information Pack. Alternatively, please contact Julian Horrocks for details –

Tel: 01423 858385

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