Other Virtual Career Fairs

We offer recruiters the opportunity to participate in our own "acareerforme" Virtual Career Fairs. Most of these run for 365 days but you can participate in them for however long you want - and at a time that suits your recruitment timetable. We offer a FREE TRIAL in all our Fairs and you can choose from a range of low cost exhibitor stand packages - all of them affordable even to those operating within a tight budget.

Benefits of Participation for Employers

  • 365 day promotion of your career schemes, employment opportunities, vacancies, apprenticeships, work placements and internships throughout the year to students at Universities and Colleges across the UK

  • Initial free trial and a choice of three low cost exhibitor stand packages

  • Highlight your organisation in real depth on your own stand via up to eight web pages each with unlimited text and links – you choose the title of each of your pages and you decide the content to be displayed on each page

  • Prominent display of your name, logo, contact details with a link to your website and direct email facility from your stand

  • Display your own documents (Max. Limit 8MB) for download by students. Display videos (via YouTube) and a single podcast (Max. Limit 8MB) for viewing and listening by students

  • You can participate for whatever period of time suits your own purposes and requirements. You can also participate when ever you want – and withdraw at any time without penalty

  • You can participate without leaving your office - and without any travelling time and costs

  • We do all the work in creating your stand and uploading all content on to it. All you have to do is provide the content that you want to display

  • We'll add/edit the information on display on your stand at any time - we'll also disconnect the email facility at any time and post a notice that recruiting has now closed whenever you want

Benefits for Students

  • They have access to a detailed online information resource at any time of the day or night convenient to them

  • User friendly since they can find a vast range of career and employment opportunities on one single website rather than visit numerous different websites

  • They can easily discover employers – and career and employment opportunities – that they didn’t know existed

  • Visit and revisit the Virtual Fair as often as they want throughout the year

  • They can easily find out who to contact at the employer and how to apply

  • Access to our Virtual Fairs is free to students and there is no registration requirement

  • Free entry for students to our  monthly £50 cash prize draw

Promotion of the Virtual Career Fair

  • Active promotion of our Virtual Fairs to the Careers Departments of all the UK Universities and Colleges

Prices for Employers (excl. VAT)

  • £120 set up fee plus £2 per day for the first 180 days of participation, thereafter £1 per day for the next 185 days of participation

  • So, for example, 90 days participation costs £300 and 365 days participation costs £665

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